About the Breed

Labs come in three colors, Black, Chocolate and Yellow.  There are a couple others that you will hear and read about such as silver and white labs.  Labs are an active, friendly, playful and love human companionship.  They require a large area to run and need a lot of exercise.  An american lab usually is 55 - 80 pounds and 21 - 24 inches tall.   English Labs are slightly shorter 21 to 22.5 inches.  The English Lab is a little more calm and quieter in nature than The American Lab

English Lab features; *Broad head and neck with strong features  *Deep broad chest  *Slightly shorter legs  *Thick tapering tail  *Barrel chest

American Lab feature;  *Taller with a standard height varying from 21.5 to 24.5 inches  *Slimmer athletic build  *Longer muzzle  *Thinner coat

Company History

We recently relocated to beautiful Colorado from Utah. We have been raising AKC labs for over 24 years.